Caron picks Mayweather to win it all…..

4 05 2007


“Mayweather is the best fighter of this era. He has overcome adversity, works hard, and will win on Saturday night.”


Like your gonna get in VIP !!!!!

27 04 2007

With the Wizards down 0-2 what would make any regular Washingtonian party with the Cavs? So you think your gonna be at the party of the year or you think you gonna meet all the fly women? Let me wake you up out of your dreams….


10. Your name isn’t on the List

9. You don’t know any of Larry or Lebron’s boys

8. You don’t play in the League

7. Just because you party there on the regular don’t mean your getting in the club

6. Your fake bling and rent money won’t make you look like a baller

5. If you read the unprinted fine print it clearly states only VIP will be able to get into VIP

4. You won’t get to talk to them one on one

3. Your outfit isn’t going to let you in unless your Buffy the Body

2. Your press credential won’t get you into party

1. You aren’t on the team nor do you know anybody so stay home and soak it up

King will Come

20 04 2007


Lebron just never goes away. Last year he alone beat the Wizards to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs, and now it’s part 2 of this heated series. What’s missing is Agent Zero and CB4 , all the Wizards have left is Atwan and that’s more then he can handle. But don’t count the Wizards out, they are capable of keeping a good pace with the Cavs. The big question is can they finish with a win or at least tie the series. CB4 is making a comeback second round(if we make it).

Wizards Playoff Schedule

Game 1 – Sun April 22 Washington at Cleveland 12:30PM TNT
Game 2 – Wed April 25 Washington at Cleveland 8:00PM NBATV
Game 3 – Sat April 28 Cleveland at Washington 5:30PM TNT
Game 4 – Mon April 30 Cleveland at Washington TBD
Game 5 * Wed May 2 Washington at Cleveland TBD

Game 6 * Fri May 4 Cleveland at Washington TBD

Game 7 * Sun May 6 Washington at Cleveland TBD


Wizards playoff scenario?

5 04 2007

With injuries coming left and right and losing to teams they should beat. Could this be the Wizards playoff scenario?


Wizards standings watch

29 03 2007

What a game yesterday against the 76ers. It started slow and rough the Wizards, but the energy came at the right time being home from a 5 game west coast trip. My hat goes off to Caron Butler for his performance, half court shot and suit after the game. The test is going to come Friday when the Wizards face off against the Toronto Raptors who hold a half game lead on the Wizards for 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.


Impossible is Nothing……

15 03 2007

Afters 3 years of not getting the attention, Gilbert is back with a second round of commercials to take his kingdom to the next level. Sorry no party for this one…….