Like your gonna get in VIP !!!!!

27 04 2007

With the Wizards down 0-2 what would make any regular Washingtonian party with the Cavs? So you think your gonna be at the party of the year or you think you gonna meet all the fly women? Let me wake you up out of your dreams….


10. Your name isn’t on the List

9. You don’t know any of Larry or Lebron’s boys

8. You don’t play in the League

7. Just because you party there on the regular don’t mean your getting in the club

6. Your fake bling and rent money won’t make you look like a baller

5. If you read the unprinted fine print it clearly states only VIP will be able to get into VIP

4. You won’t get to talk to them one on one

3. Your outfit isn’t going to let you in unless your Buffy the Body

2. Your press credential won’t get you into party

1. You aren’t on the team nor do you know anybody so stay home and soak it up




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