Road Trip: Winston-Salem NCAA Round 2

19 03 2007


The Arrival….

With the unexpected ice storm I was forced to take greyhound…….

Note to you guys never spend the money unless you really have to, my only option was to leave my girl @ 2am to catch a 9 hour trip to Winston-Salem. I could have taken Amtrak, but leaving @ 6:30pm for a 5 hour train ride would land me in the land of boredom. Winston-Salem isn’t party city. If you want food and beer you picked the right place. If you’re looking to get ripped off by the cabs then welcome. Once I arrived 9 hours later on the cold greyhound with no heat, I signaled a cab who gladly took me to my hotel which was across the street. How did I know , when I took the elevator from my room on the 9th floor I looked out the window and smack ( Isn’t that the bus station)I guess a black man can grow blond hair also…


The Hotel….

Hoyas Arrive from practice

Hoyas Arriving from Practice

Life on the road isn’t bad when you’re staying at the Marriott home of the Georgetown Hoyas and North Carolina Tarheels. I choose my room because I thought I would be in the best hotel for the dollar I was willing to spend. For $109 a night I think I got more then I bargained for, all the excitement seems to be in the Marriott. Across the street Boston College is staying in the Embassy Suites maybe Sports Illustrated will feature that highlight… If life on the road is like this every game Georgetown needs to play all season long. I seem to have great times on the road with Georgetown. The last time I stayed at the same hotel was in Durham for the Duke Game. Lets just say I had a great time, I got asked was I a member of the team at least 20 times and when one pretty lady asked me I finally said yes….Hell I couldn’t resist the eyes, she even brought me breakfast.



The Game……

With a sea of Carolina Blue it was hard to tell if I was at Georgetown’s game or just at the wrong place. What helped me was Georgetown’s student section who came in full force today’s game. I wonder if Boston College’s cheerleaders are even in school, they look like they were picked up off the street and told to make the game due to the ice storm that took us by surprise. The mascots were exchanging words with each other the first 5 minutes of the game which was pretty exciting to watch them go at it.

The Hoyas came out with a level of calmness and poise as they got Boston out of sync early creating an early 12-2 lead causing BC to go deep into it’s bench. But in the NCAA tournament it’s not a win unless the buzzard sounds. BC took control of the pass of the game with key match-ups and great defensive stops and running the floor with out mistakes. Jared Dudley wasn’t the factore in the first have it was the great passing and great looks to the basket. If Georgetown wants to leave with a victory it will need to awake the Beast in the East within and establish a 10 point lead and control the clock. One thing that may help BC is to ask it’s fans to stop chanting “ The whole world is watching you” every time a Hoya is shooting foul shoots so far there record for chants vs shoots is 6-6.


Second Half


Out of all the Georgetown games I have covered this has to be the one, where I became a true fan. When covering sports I can’t cheer for the home tea in public. But deep inside I was and I did see a couple of writers happy that Georgetown found a way to sting to BC. And it stung when Jeff Green did
“The Dunk”, it signaled the Hoyas to spruce things up and win this one for the Big East. But one dunk just wasn’t enough Patrick Ewing Jr had to have his say also. I’ll let you rate the dunk that stood out, even ESPN couldn’t show some love on these two dunks….


“The Dunk”


The Panel( Dajuan Summers, Jeremiah Rivers, Kenny Izzo)





3-1 and the winner is……………


Jeff Green’s Dunk








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