You got Sapped…..

15 03 2007

                                              Georgetown 80     Belmont 55

It started out not looking good from my ESPN scoreboard, and it turned to be an easy victory. Or is this victory going to hunt us, now Georgetown has to face a daring Boston College team. Much of the game was dominated by key match-ups and leadership play from Jessie Sapp with 20 points. When most of the focus was on Jeff and Roy, Jeff stepped up with a quality shot selection and great shooting 8-10. Georgetown stucked to it’s roots and only allowed Belmont a 35% shooting performance. Georgetown dominated the boards with 39 rebounds, but Belmont out rebounded the Hoyas with 15 offensive rebounds. Call this a David and Goliath match up for the books. Belmont had the heart to fight but just brought a pencil to fight…. Up next is Boston College for Georgetown , can they make it past the second round.

Join us as we head to Winston-Salem for our Road Trip as we provide key interviews and in-depth focus on the Hoyas second round slugfest..




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