Welcome to Atlanta……..

30 03 2007

We are in ATL fans and it’s the place to be the weather is nice and basketball is reason why we are here. All weekend long BasketballLifeStyleMag will be bringing you behind the scenes footage, interviews and stories to allow you to experience the Final Four. Atlanta isn’t just the home of the Final Four, it’s the new home of Rap. So it wouldnt be right if i didn’t get you all the exclusive interviews with your favorite rappers and celebs who will be in the city. My schedule is hectic but it’s forth being here…….Love you mom


54% think Georgetown stands a chance

30 03 2007

An estimated 43,000 fans think that Georgetown has a chance to win the first semi-national final game. While in Ohio, the Hoyas have a 22% chance to win. Maybe there should be a recount…….


One on One with Brandon Bowman

29 03 2007

Brandon Bowman

Nothing could stop the drive when you have your heart set on something and it’s only a sweat away. Last year was the year Georgetown faced off with Florida and gave them the toughest game of the tourney. But it just wasn’t the year for Georgetown to make it to the Final Four. “I was our first year and everything was new to us, we just couldn’t make that run” said Brandon Bowman. After spending four years with the Hoyas Brandon is now playing basketball for the NDBL’s Bakersfield Jam. Just 2 hours away from Los Angeles , it’s the team you won’t hear about in Washington,DC. But there’s a name we know that’s dreaming of making it to the next level. “I love basketball to much” said Brandon Bowman, who grew up fast and smart. “Georgetown made us take public speaking classes and i have been fortunate to have been around the media since high school so i know how to represent myself well” . Not being drafted didn’t seem to have it’s effect on Brandon, the Wizards invited Brandon for a Draft Workout and things went great for Brandon. But you can’t change fate or the results of last year “I wouldn’t go out any other way , the way we did in the Tournament against Florida”. So i decided to catch up with Brandon and see where life has the former Hoya.

DL: What’s good Brandon, talk to me about this years Final Four.

BB: I got Georgetown going all the way in my Bracket

DL: Who would you like to see them play in the Championship game?

BB: I got them going against Florida(rematch of last year’s regional semifinal), because Florida is the only team left that can match up well against Georgetown

DL: Give me the final score

BB: 79-76 Georgetown the winner of course

DL: Did you watch Georgetown during the Big East Tournament?

BB: Yeah the last two games

DL: What was going on with you while you were watching the game?

BB: I yelled at the television, i was fussing doing things a fan would do

DL: So you would say your the biggest Georgetown fan?

BB: I would have to say yes

DL: How did you feel during the whole tournament when Georgetown won the Big East Tournament, because last year you had those unexpected shots from McNamara and things didn’t end the same for you.

BB: I felt proud to be a Hoya, that run reminded me of the moments we played last year at the Garden

DL: Where you surprised at the performance Georgetown showcased against Pitt?

BB: No i wasn’t surprised at all, i expected the game to go that way Georgetown was taking care of business

On Jeff Green

DL: During the tournament what in your opinion was Jeff Green’s best game?

BB: It had to be against Notre Dame, he took over and did his thing. He stepped his level of play up big time and i had been watching him since high school.

Life in the NBDL

DL: Since you been in the NBDL and your money has gotten long , what was your first major purchase?

BB: I got an 07 Lexus (stocked) im not into blinging it out i just keep it simple

DL: Do you live in a dorm setting or do you have your own apartments?

BB: I have a condo, the furniture i need and most of my teammates live on the same block

DL: How many interviews have you been doing related to Georgetown?

BB: Several , everywhere i got i always get asked about Georgetown

DL: Before you handle business on the court who’s in your headphones?

BB: I got Lil Wayne, Eightball and MJG and some Earth Wind and Fire(what a shock!!!!) , also the old N.E.R.D

DL: I remember being in Yates and see you walking in there or just shooting threes until the lights when out are you still the same?

BB: Yeah im still doing me nothing has changed, just like my first year at Georgetown

DL: So you got any shout outs ?

BB: Yeah i wanna say what’s good to Hoya Saxa, Men’s Team and the Seniors. I will be down in dc soon

DL: Where you feeling the special colorway Jordans?

BB: No the new shoes got to much going on and they cost to much, i rather stick with the retros

Wizards standings watch

29 03 2007

What a game yesterday against the 76ers. It started slow and rough the Wizards, but the energy came at the right time being home from a 5 game west coast trip. My hat goes off to Caron Butler for his performance, half court shot and suit after the game. The test is going to come Friday when the Wizards face off against the Toronto Raptors who hold a half game lead on the Wizards for 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.


Jordan XX2 (Georgetown Edition)

29 03 2007

Check out these up close pictures of the Jordan XX2’s made for Georgetown





Banana Spot

29 03 2007


      76er’s lockerroom

76ers Give there input on the Final Four

29 03 2007

With a lost you would think that the last thing you talk about is the Final Four, well with my great conversation skills and upbeat attitude i was able to talk to Steven Hunter(no he’s not my brother), Louis Amundson, and Rodney Carney
of the Philadelphia 76ers to talk about the Final Four. I was preparing myself for a 2 second conversation because of the lost but i ended up getting good conversation and few laughs. I asked about the Final Four, but Louis Amundson joked about Louis not going to college. He paused and thought for a second and reacted to the fact that he didn’t go but he’s not lacking in the money department. So you go to school if can’t figure that out….

Steven Hunter

Steven Hunter(no he’s not my brother or twin)

DLove: Nice to meet my twin, i just go asked am i your brother

SH: Laughs……

DLove: You don’t know how many times people ask me are we related, i tell them no and im a few million short of being related to you. Who do you have winning it all in the Final Four?

SH: Georgetown, no i take that back. Seriously i pick Georgetown

DLove: You can’t take that back, why Georgetown

SH: Because of the tradition and it’s good to see JTIII take them back to where they belong

DLove: Oden vs Hibbert

SH: I pick Oden because he’s stronger and confident then Hibbert

DLove: Florida vs UCLA

SH: I got Florida

DLove: Did you watch the Gtown vs UNC game?

SH: No because we have been on the road and playing games

DLove: What’s the wildest play of March Madness?

SH: That last seconds of that Division II Championship with Barton College/Winona St.

act_louis_williams.jpgLouis Williams

DLove: So Louis tell me about your picks for the Final Four?

LW: I got Florida winning it all.

DLove: Oden vs Hibbert

LW: I got Oden because he’s seasoned

DLove: Florida vs UCLA

LW: Florida

DLove: Did you watch the Gtown vs UNC game?

LW: No because we have been on the road

DLove: Wildest play of the tourney?

LW: He had to type on his sidekick, so that ended that conversation